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By using Memos.io you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. Memos.io is operated by Memos, LLC.  Memos.io can amend these Terms of Service at any time with immediate effects. It is your sole responsibility to periodically check for changes in these Terms of Service.

1. Age. Memos.io is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 13. By accessing Memos.io, you represent that you are 13 years of age or older. In the event that we learn that a user account is owned by a child under age 13, we will delete all information related to such account as quickly as possible. Additionally, it is a breach of these terms of service for a user under age 18 to disclose, through the use of Memos.io, any personal information such as contact details, age, gender, location, and real identity.

2. Passwords. You are responsible for safeguarding the passwords that you use to access any secure areas of Memos.io. You agree to assume all risks and take sole responsibility for any usage under your user name and password, whether or not you have authorized such usage. Memos.io does not store unencrypted passwords, and does not have the means to recover lost passwords.

3. Liability. Memos.io merely provides the means for its users to publish information on the internet, and does not monitor, review, approve, or endorse the content published by its users. Therefore, by submitting content to Memos.io you take full responsibility and assume liability for any illegal activity, including, but not limited to: copyright violation and piracy, damages to the right to privacy of third parties (such as publishing the contact information and personal details of third parties), the distribution of potentially damaging software such as computer viruses, and the publishing of content that is defamatory, libelous, hateful, misleading, deceptive, offensive, threatening, harassing, or damaging in any way to any third party. You agree to indemnify NotePad.io from any costs, including but not limited to, attorney's fees and compensation to third parties, arising out of your usage of Memos.io.

If you believe that you are somehow damaged by content published in Memos.io, you can immediately cut public access to said content using the ban button in the Memos.io user interface. Memos.io does not accept responsibility for any of your actions as a user, including but not limited to, the censoring, banning, or deletion of third party content.

4. Warranties. No warranties are made about the fitness of Memos.io for any purpose or about the veracity of the information published by users through NotePad.io. No warranties are made about Memos.io's capacity to enforce private access controls. No aspect of Memos.io is warranted to be available, reliable, or functional. Memos.io is provided "as is". Use at your own risk.

Memos.io reserves the right to change or delete any content or user account and terminate all services, at its sole discretion, without compensation or previous warning.

In the event that we learn that a user account is owned by a convicted sex offender, we will delete all information related to such account as quickly as possible.